Omega Value Sdn Bhd is committed to supplying the highest quality, most consistent Cleanroom and Static Control or ESD consumable products.

Established in 2006,

Omega Value S.B. becomes one of the fastest growing & leading companies in Malaysia, provides a complete range of quality Cleanroom and Static Control consumable products. Our aims are always provide customers with quality products, proffesional services, fast delivery and cost effective products.


Omega Value S. B. is commited to supplying the highest quality, most consistent Cleanroom and Static Control or ESD consumable products. Our effort is continuous looking into latest technology, innovation and quality to create and maintain the state-of-the-art system, hence to continuous have new and cost effective products.

With a sales and services team with over 20 years experiences in Critical Environment and Static Control, we not only able to provide products, we also give consultation to our clients, developed a simple guide for standard contamination and static control practices, technical advise which products to use, conduct training and provide clients latest and updated of all requirements to comply to ISO, HACCP, GMP and many more.


Omega Value S.B. offer a complete line of quality cleanroom apparels such as coveralls and smocks that are light weight and comfortable to wear, while offering specific characteristics necessary for Class 10 and above cleanroom activities — resist abrasion and chemicals, offer antistatic properties, furnish a safe barrier, provide particulate control, able to be decontaminated or sterilized.

Made from high grade synthetic materials, 100% polyester with continuous conductive filament yarns fabrics are used  for effective control of static dissipation.

Apparels are sew according to proper cleanroom apparel’s sewing methods  where all expose fabric edges are seal with interlock sewing system and all joints double stitch with conductive treads to ensure durability and continuity of the static dissipative flow.

We offer a wide range standard apparels design with properly monitored inventory to cater any urgent request. We also offer custom made apparels to suit specific requirements and needs.